About Us

Golden Promise is a full full-service translation and simultaneous interpretation company committed to delivering consistently superior quality at competitive prices. Our company has been well received among our customers. Over 90% of our new customers come to us for our reputation.

We went simultaneous interpretation equipment of unrivalled quality, including digital conference/language distribution systems, digital 2 to 6MHz infrared interpretation systems, digital interpreter consoles, and all related sound/audio components.

If you are looking for quality translation services in China, Golden Promise is your best choice.

Quality Assurance

The quality of a translation must be defined by how well it meets the objectives we set for it, before the translation began. It is these objectives that must pinpoint the formulation of our requirements.

We have four steps to ensure our translation meets the customers’ demand and our requirements on the translators.

Step One Translator’s selection
All the translators that may join our projects must be subject to background check and competence test. As a result of these procedures, we select a group of translators that have their own specialties and outstanding language proficiency.

Step Two Contract Review
Whenever we signed a contract with our customers, we would assemble our translators and our staff to scrutinize their demands so that the translation of their documents fully reflect these demands.

Step Three Use of Memory Software
We use memory software (instead of translation software) to ensure that the same terms are not translated twice. This can save our customers’ time and assure the consistency and accuracy of our translation.

Step Four Final Review
All translation material will be reviewed by experts of the field before being delivered to our customers. These experts usually have at least ten years’ translation experience in the same filed.


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