Document Localization and Translation

Our professional translation services include language translations of all types of documents, in all formats, lengths and languages. Golden Promise Translations offers fast, accurate and reliable professional translation services.

We can translate any type of document, whether it is a birth certificate, a simple one page letter or a multi page manual. We also translate specialist documents such as technical, financial, medical and legal documents. You can be sure that your specialist documents, which might not be understood by the average reader, will be handled by an industry specific translator with expertise in your field.

Quality Document Translation

At Company Language Solutions we place great importance in the quality of our translations and aim to ensure you are delighted with your translation. To ensure the high quality of our translations, our translators must:

  • Have translated at least 100,000 words
  • Have at least two references for previous projects
  • Only translate into their native language
  • Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas
  • Have working industry experience for the material they translate
  • Why Golden Promise Language Solutions?
  • We only use qualified, experienced translators
  • Specialist documents are handled by specialist translators in your field
  • Multi award winning service
  • 24 hour worldwide coverage
  • Tailored project management software keeps translation costs low