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Even if you have a finely crafted website, it is only as effective as its languages and localization will allow. Consider this: Over 287.5 million English-speaking users have access to the Internet, but the global numbers are far greater. More than 516 million Non-English-speaking users are now on the Internet. Of those, more than half currently speak European languages and over 102 million speak Chinese.

In a Study of Foreign Language Buyers by Wordbank Ltd. the following information was reported of the 1,250 respondents in 39 languages:

  • 81% expected communication in their native language.
  • 73% would purchase one product over another if it were in their language.
  • 61% would be reluctant to purchase if the product was in their language, but was poorly translated!
  • Localization Services make product launch a success
    Localization of software, websites, or other web applications helps adapt your content to fit the language and cultural requirements of a target client group. In so doing, localization increases the effectiveness of your efforts to:
  • penetrate foreign markets
  • reach new clients or consumer groups
  • increase international sales
  • gain a competitive advantage over regional rivals
  • Localization Service Specializations

    Take advantage of Golden Promise Translation' experience and a complete translation service portfolio that includes:

  • Certified Localization
  • Document Localization
  • Multimedia Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Website Localization
  • If you are searching for a localization company to complete your next localization project, contact Golden Promise now.