Multimedia Localization

Successful localization of a multimedia product requires professional experience in text and audio processing and the technology involved. The localization process includes an analysis of the target market, a translation of the script, a careful selection of voice actors and professional voice direction.

Golden Promise Translation uses a precisely coordinated system for multimedia localization:

Product analysis and script translation

After analyzing the client product, the most suitable translators are selected to localize the multimedia script. The script is then read by the voice director, who fine-tunes it to match the timing of the original.

Carefully selected voice actors and professional voice direction

The voice director, in consultation with the client, selects the appropriate voice actors from an extensive pool of professionals. As soon as text, voice expression and pitch have been decided and the actors prepared for their parts, the recording can begin.


The postproduction team chooses the best takes, edits the material and makes any necessary modifications (such as equalization, level adjustment and dynamic range calibration) to reflect the original. At this point, any desired audio and spatial effects (such as echo chambers) are added. Finally, the end mix is completed and the product is converted into the formats required (audio codecs).


Production takes place in selected studios with whom we have worked extensively. We are thus able to ensure that the studio expenses are tailored to the client's budget and that the best studio setup is available for the client's needs (ranging from straight-forward voice recording to Dolby Surround Sound mixes and DVD authoring). No matter what the studio size or budget, the client receives a consistently excellent end-product because the entire process is supervised by the same team of experienced directors and sound engineers, from start to finish.