Escort Interpreting

Are you traveling for business? Perhaps it is the case that you are planning to attend a trade fair or business event abroad, or you want to visit the plant of one of your major clients. Do you think you will need help to understand the meetings or interviews held in a foreign language?

If you are hosting a delegation of visitors from abroad, you may require the services of an escort interpreter for situations like the following:

  • Meeting clients at the airport
  • Visits and city tours
  • Shopping excursions
  • Interviews
  • Golden Promise Language Services provides escort interpreters to help you feel confident and independent in any of these or similar situations.

    Our main goal is your satisfaction. Golden Promise Language Services team of proven skilled escort interpreters will help you to communicate by accompanying you or your visiting individuals or delegations on trips that involve meetings and interviews, usually in an informal setting and without using any kind of equipment.

    Our professional interpreters will work into and from both your foreign and local languages and generally act as cultural liaisons between the parts. This kind of non-specialist interpretation service is usually provided in consecutive or whispered modes depending on what the specific communicative situation requires.

    If you need the services of an escort interpreter, request an Interpreter online or just contact us. We will be happy to arrange a free price quote for you.