Consecutive Interpreting

Are you looking for premium consecutive interpreting services? Welcome to the Golden Promise Translation – your superior translation and interpreting service provider. We are specialists at matching your interpretation or translation requirements to the skills and specialization on one of our many interpreters or translators.

When you require interpreting – whether it is business, legal, financial, academic, technical, or scientific related – we can offer you both consecutive and simultaneous interpreters, who have the skills and knowledge to accurately interpret from your source language to your chosen target language.

We will provide you with an interpreter who is knowledgeable of the your particular subject. For example, if you require an interpreter for a court hearing, consecutive interpreting would be your best option. Consecutive interpreting may include business interpreters, public service interpreters, and court interpreters.

Public service interpreters can assist non-English speaking individuals communicate efficient with a government organization or solicitors, social security, the national health service and the police. Consecutive interpreting allows the relevant party to understand the individual in question.

Business interpreters are useful when you are attending meetings with foreign businesspersons, customers, clients, or suppliers. This form of consecutive interpreting can be used for training courses, seminars, presentations, events and many other situations.

Court interpreters are commonly used in the courtroom to convey the words of a non-English speaking individual to the courtroom. Communication needs to be as accurate as possible, and this is best achieved with consecutive interpreting.

In contrast to consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting is highly useful for conference or small business meetings. In conferences, such as for organisations like the United Nations or European Union, simultaneous interpreting allows members of the conference to have the words of speaker translated into their own language, usually communicated to them by a set of headphones.

If you are looking for the best consecutive interpreting around, then look no further than the Golden Promise Translation. We not only offer consecutive interpreting but Greek translation, Thai to English translation, English to Bulgarian translation, Urdu, and much more. Get the best consecutive interpreting today.